Pregnancy Reflexology

There is a view that pregnancy reflexology helps and supports a woman as her body changes through pregnancy.

Reflexology is looked on favourably by gynaecologists and obstetricians like Dr Gowri Motha, who is a great advocate in her book, Gentle Birth Method.

There is a view that pregnancy reflexology helps and supports a woman as her body changes through pregnancy. I am qualified to practise pregnancy reflexology, which is safe to be given throughout pregnancy, including the first trimester. I believe in using pregnancy reflexology to help consolidate pregnancy by encouraging the production of necessary hormones and calming the body, aiding it to return to a state of equilibrium.

I also believe that using pregnancy reflexology with expectant mothers can help them relax and increase circulation to areas of the body that most need it, such as the pelvis, hips and lower back.

Research into pregnancy and reflexology

A number of studies highlight the potential effects of reflexology in relation to the duration of labour and the intensity of any pain experienced. In particular, the Genofte study was supported by findings in a study carried out by Dr Gowri Motha at the Jeyrani Birth Centre on the effects of reflexology on pregnant women. Thirty-seven pregnant women completed a course of 10 reflexology treatments. The results were impressive. The average length of first stage labour was five hours as opposed to the textbook average of 16–24 hours. Second stage labour was 16 minutes compared to an average of one to two hours. Of the group that received reflexology, only 5.4% required an emergency caesarean section, whilst the average is 13% in Newham (London), where the study was conducted. (Motha & Mcgrath).

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