Hear from Susie's clients

“Having tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for what felt like an age, i started seeing susie at the fertility reflexology clinic in north london.

Susie is very knowledgable, friendly, understanding, personable and professional. i cannot recommend her highly enough. she helped me to think about many aspects of my life that could have impacted my fertility, providing me with lots of information, and was supportive and understanding whilst being realistic about what i could achieve.

I enjoyed every session with susie, and felt in awe at her skill. after a few months, i was ecstatic to become pregnant, and amazed that susie had suspected at our previous session when i was still none the wiser.

I continued to see Susie throughout my pregnancy, and  now have a beautiful healthy baby boy.”


“When i turned 9 weeks pregnant i was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was almost bed bound for 4 weeks.

I couldn’t eat or sleep and suffered with anxiety and depression. i had benefitted from reflexology sessions in the past after a sports injury so asked friends and colleagues if anyone could recommend a good therapist. susie’s name came up immediately when i asked about reflexology north london so i booked an appointment with her as soon as i could.

Before my first appointment susie asked me to fill in a medical history form and to detail all my symptoms. by my first appointment susie was completely familiar with my details and extremely sensitive with me. i felt immediately at ease and was able to relax for the first time in months. that night i slept soundly.

I saw susie regularly throughout my pregnancy and i have to say i don’t think i would have gotten through it without her treatments, support and advice. she went beyond the call of duty and checked in with me by email after each session. she even remembered my birthday!

I have seen her since the birth of my (enormous) healthy son so i can recommend her not only for help during pregnancy, but also the day to day aches and pains, or just for a bit of a treat. i wish i could see her every week. i can’t recommend her highly enough."


“Over the last 18 months susie’s treatments have helped me prepare myself both physically and emotionally for a number of IVF attempts and also cope with the upset of those attempts that failed but over the last 8 months i am delighted to say she helped ensure i have had a very calm and relaxed pregnancy.  from our very first session i found Susie’s professional, relaxed and caring manner a great source of comfort and information, she has forwarded on relevant information on diet and exercise and has shown great understanding on all we have been through with the IVF.

I have found that each session has left me feeling relaxed and calm and also helped with problems that have arisen with sleep and back ache.  i am positive that her work not only helped with the success of the last IVF treatment but has also ensured i have had a happy and trouble free pregnancy, i am also confident that our last few sessions will help me cope with labour. i would definitely recommend her to those having fertility problems.”


“My friend recommended susie a couple of years ago when i was struggling to get pregnant. at the time i’d been told by a doctor that i would probably never have a child of my own as i had low AMH levels and severe endometriosis but i decided to take matters into my own hands. i consulted a nutritionist and totally changed my diet and i started to regularly see susie for reflexology. susie has an amazing manner and is one of those people who genuinely cares about what she does. she would email me relevant articles to read after sessions and had a great deal of knowledge about fertility. as infertility issues can leave you feeling very vulnerable and hurt susie also offered positive emotional support during sessions. the sessions themselves were sometimes relaxing, sometimes painful but i always came away feeling relaxed and slept so well! i’m happy to say that i’ve just given birth to a healthy boy and had a trouble free pregnancy.

I genuinely don’t believe i could have got through this journey without the support susie gave me and i would recommend any woman with fertility issues to see her.”


“Before i met susie i was sceptical about reflexology and other complementary therapies but in my desperation to get pregnant after three years of trying, and after six months of very expensive private medical attention, i was prepared to try absolutely anything. i read an article somewhere which mentioned the NHS was running fertility trials using reflexology for women with polycystic ovaries. i felt that if the NHS were taking this alternative treatment seriously then i would be a fool not to do the same. after three months of seeing susie my periods had regulated and i magically i seemed to be ovulating well too. after five months i fell pregnant and i am so delighted to write that i have just had my first baby! i swear by reflexology now, specifically susie ray’s treatments, and would recommend her to anyone.

Susie is down to earth, easy to talk to and was persuasive yet realistic (she does not preach) in her approach to adapting my body ready for pregnancy and for birth. before getting pregnant, susie helped me address my nutrition and my relationship with exercise. during my pregnancy, she took care of various ailments and prepared my body for labour.

I am convinced her treatments and advice allowed me to really enjoy being pregnant and to have a swift natural birth. i cannot thank her enough."


“After 12 years of trying to get pregnant and becoming disillusioned with modern medicine and being pushed down the IVF route against my intuition, i decided to seek out an alternative. i was convinced that the answer to my unexplained infertility did not lie in medicine but in a natural alternative. i stumbled upon susie’s website and was intrigued that the answer to my problems could lie within reflexology. having tried everything and having no answers i decided to give it a go seeing as i had nothing to lose and everything to gain from relaxation and cleansing my body regardless of whether i fell pregnant.

She is not only highly skilled at her trade but also offers advice and support to truly make one reflect and consider how to live your life. this enabled me to identify stress levels and patterns and helped me to better manage this day to day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with susie and looked forward to them, but was overjoyed when after 10 sessions i discovered that i was pregnant. i now have a beautiful baby daughter and couldn’t be happier. this is in no small part to susie and her sessions – i am so grateful and glad that i found her. i would recommend anyone to try reflexology with susie, and have recommended my friend who is now also enjoying her sessions in the hope of becoming pregnant soon.

Susie truly has healing hands!"

Sarah B

“I believe that my reflexology sessions with susie ray played a key role in me becoming pregnant, by balancing, stimulating, and relaxing my body. after trying to conceive for over a year, i found susie’s sessions to be very relaxing and I used them as an opportunity to reclaim some control over my body and mind.”

Sarah C

“I have had reflexology treatments by susie ray for almost two years. i went initially to help with problems getting pregnant and to get my body into better harmony after miscarriages. it has definitely helped, as i now have a one-month old daughter! susie was very thorough and organised with her treatment, always following up on any problem areas. she is very flexible and understanding.

I have recommended susie to two friends, who have now continued to be her regular clients too, and that i think proves how good she is. i would recommend her to everybody!”


“When i called susie to help my daughter with some sleeping problems little did i know that a year or so later i’d still be seeing her regularly. susie has got the perfect combination of knowledge, passion for what she does, and a charming personality. i love her sense of humour and her calm friendly smile. i treasured my sessions with her so much during my pregnancy that despite much complaint, i am now the only beneficiary of her time in this family. oh! she has lots of good tips for babies.”


“After trying for over a year to get pregnant, i contacted susie in the hope that reflexology might help with my fertility. after a few fortnightly appointments, my cycle became noticeably more regular and i conceived seven months later. i am continuing to see susie throughout my pregnancy. as well as finding the appointments enormously beneficial to my health, my reflexology hour is my ‘treat’ – time out when I completely relax, and something i thoroughly enjoy. susie’s commitment and enthusiasm is second to none, and i really feel like she has taken a keen interest in my needs. she’s also extremely personable and easy to talk to which is vital in such a personal situation.”


“As being quite keen on holistic therapies and massage, i had never tried reflexology before meeting susie. i knew very little about the technique and was unsure whether such a practice would relieve my body and mind. i felt the effects after the first session, although susie had warned me people react and feel differently about it. now i tend to visit her on a monthly basis or whenever i can, and i have noticed that my respiratory as well as thyroid problems have eased considerably, and my skin health improved. a reflexology session with such a friendly person like susie also allows me to relax, take time for myself, realising that my experience with reflexology has been beneficial on a spiritual point of view, too.”


“Reflexology with susie ray is valuable to me. i do not visit for any specific problem but enjoy the experience, i thought i would find it ticklish, but this is not the case and so i can relax. i find it very helpful when susie points out what she has found and i can be aware of any problem areas. i love the fact that every time i leave i feel better, but never know whether i am going to be very relaxed, energised, chilled etc.”


“i first saw susie after having experienced two miscarriages and attempting to get pregnant for the third time. she immediately put me at ease and took the time to find out about my personal circumstances in order to create a bespoke treatment tailored to my needs. i soon began to look forward to my fortnightly sessions with her – not only did it make me feel like i (or rather Susie) was doing something to put me in the best possible position to have a successful pregnancy, but i also found it wonderfully relaxing and soothing – a little bit of ‘me’ time during an otherwise busy week. susie is incredibly skilled and worked absolute wonders for me. she is calm and wise.

I fell pregnant within 4 months of seeing susie and i then continued to see her throughout my pregnancy. with susie’s help i had a very easy (in fact, enjoyable) pregnancy with little morning sickness and few of the aches and pains one can normally expect, and my labour was fantastically smooth. i honestly believe that susie played a huge part in all of this and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone and everyone (i frequently do). i now have a happy and healthy 6 week old baby boy.”

Kate B

“I first went to susie for a relaxing treatment but soon realised how much more she had to offer. she very clearly explained all of the benefits of pregnancy reflexology and i soon started seeing her regularly. not only was it wonderfully relaxing and provided me with much needed “me” time, but it also helped on a week by week basis with whatever pregnancy ailments i may have be experiencing, including swollen ankles, aching joints and general fatigue. i would come out of every session feeling relaxed but re-energised. towards the end of the pregnancy, she worked on preparing me for the birth.

She had said that it could possibly help with a timely and shorter birth, and it certainly seemed to work! my baby son came 9 days early and he arrived just 4.5 hours after the first signs of labour. after that, i could not recommend her highly enough! i genuinely believe that susie helped me in both the pregnancy and the birth and would recommend her without hesitation.”


“I started seeing susie ray early on in my second pregnancy, and she made the whole experience really blissful! as with my first baby, i was following the gentle birth method, which suggests reflexology as a key part of the method. susie was fantastically knowledgeable about reflexology in general and also about the gentle birth method. i saw her either every week or two weeks, and felt great all the way through the pregnancy. as i already have a small toddler, my sessions with susie were invaluable to keep my sense of wellbeing and balance.

Approaching my due date, i was concerned not to go over the date (i had to be induced with my first pregnancy and wanted to avoid this). i saw susie a number of times in the days before my due date and i’m convinced that she helped the baby arrive just one day overdue, in record time, and with relative ease! also, my post-birth sessions were fantastic both to aid recovery, and to help with my milk supply (this had been a problem” with my first baby). a wonderful experience all round – thank you!”


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